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Pune Kanda Bhajiye
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Kanda Bhaji is a type of pakora or fritters that is quite famous in the streets of Pune. Kanda bhaji needs no occasion, be it lunch, midday snacks, dinner, weddings, or rainy days, this is all time hit. These are crunchy dumplings prepared using besan and onion. edit delete
Pune Vada Pav
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Vada Pav is the most famous Pune roadside snack. The vada is made of a spicy potato filling deep fried in a gram flour batter. It is served inside a small “Laddi Pav” along with hot and spicy garlic chutney. edit delete
Pune Misal Pav
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Misal Pav is by far my favorite street food. 'Misal' is a spicy gravy made of sprouts (matki), peas (matar), Bengal gram (kala chana) and farsaan. 'Pav' is a popular bread that look more like a bun. edit delete