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Testicular Ultrasound A Testicle Ultrasound Is A Test Used To Obtain Images Of The Testicles And The Surrounding Area In The Scrotum. Ultrasound Also Is Called Sonography Or Ultrasound Scanning. A Testicle Ultrasound May Be Referred To As A Testicle Sonogram Or Scrotal Ultrasound. A Testicle Ultrasound Is The Primary Imaging Method Used To Observe And Diagnose Abnormalities In The Testicles. edit Delete
Tension Test Your Doctor Might Order The Tensilon Test If He Or She Suspects That You Have Myasthenia Gravis. You Also May Have The Test To Monitor Your Dosage Of Tensilon Or Another Anticholinesterase Drug If You Have Already Been Diagnosed. Anticholinesterase Drugs Work By Preventing The Breakdown Of Acetylcholine In Individuals With Myasthenia Gravis (a Chronic Disease). edit Delete
Total Protein Test The Total Protein Test Measures The Total Amount Of Two Kinds Of Protein In Your Body: Albumin And Globulin. It Is Used As Part Of Your Routine Health Checkup. It May Also Be Used If You Are Experiencing Unexpected Weight Loss, Fatigue, Or Have Symptoms Of A Kidney Or Liver Disease. This Test Will Also Look At The Ratio Of Albumin To Globulin In Your Blood. This Is Known As The A/g Ratio. edit Delete
Toxicology Screen A Toxicology Screen Is A Test Used To Determine If An Individual Has Been Exposed To Certain Legal Or Illegal Drugs. Toxicology Screens Are Usually Ordered To See If A Patient Has Taken Drugs That Could Endanger His Or Her Health. If A Patient Is Suspected Of Taking Illegal Drugs, A Screen For Specific Drugs That Are Commonly Abused May Be Ordered. edit Delete
Toxoplasma Test A Toxoplasma Or Toxoplasmosis Test Is A Blood Test That Is Used To Determine If You Have The Antibodies To Protect Your Body From The Toxoplasma Gondii Parasite In Your Body. Your Body Only Makes These Antibodies Once You Have Been Infected By This Parasite. The Number And Type Of Antibodies You Have Reveal Whether Your Infection Was Recent Or Occurred Some Time Ago. Your Doctor May Conduct More Than One Blood Test Over A Period Of Several Weeks. edit Delete
Triglyceride Level Test The Triglyceride Level Test Helps To Determine The Amount Of Triglycerides In Your Blood. Triglycerides Are A Type Of Fat Found In The Blood. The Test Helps Determine Your Risk Of Developing Heart Disease. The Test Is Also Referred To As A “triacylglycerol Test". This Test Will Help You Determine Your Risk Of Developing Heart Disease. It Helps To Estimate The Level Of LDL Cholesterol In Your Blood. It Can Also Determine If You Have Inflammation In Your Pancreas. edit Delete
Triple Marker Screen Test The Triple Marker Screen Test Analyzes How Likely An Unborn Baby Is To Have Certain Genetic Disorders. It Is Also Known As A Multiple Marker Test. The Exam Measures The Levels Of Three Important Substances In The Placenta: Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), And Estriol. Triple Marker Screening Is Administered As A Blood Test For Women Who Are Between 15 And 20 Weeks Pregnant. edit Delete
Trypsinogen Test The Test For Trypsinogen Can Be Used As Part Of The Process Of Diagnosing These Diseases, But It Will Not Be Enough Alone. Other Tests Will Be Necessary To Complete The Diagnosis. A Trypsinogen Test Is Normally Conducted To Test For Cystic Fibrosis (CF), As Part Of A Routine Screening Of Infants, Test Infants With Symptoms Of CF, Who Do Not Produce Enough Sweat For A Sweat Chloride Test, Test For Pancreatic Insufficiency In Both Children And Adults Who Have Symptoms Consistent With This Condition. edit Delete
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Test A TSH Test Is Used To Measure The Amount Of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) In Your Blood. It Will Help Your Doctor Determine If You Need Medication To Treat Hyperthyroidism (overactive Thyroid Gland) Or Hypothyroidism (underactive Thyroid Gland). It Is Sometimes Called A “thyrotropin Test”. Your Doctor Will Order This Test If You Have Signs Of Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, Or An Enlarged Thyroid. The Test May Also Be Ordered To Monitor Ongoing Treatment Of These Conditions. edit Delete
TSI Level Test Your Doctor Will Typically Order A TSI Test If He Or She Suspects That You Might Have Graves’ Disease, The Most Common Cause Of Thyrotoxicosis. Your Doctor May Also Routinely Have This Test Performed During The Final Three Months Of Pregnancy To Help Predict Graves’ Disease In Your Body. edit Delete