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Sweat Electrodes Test The Sweat Electrodes Test Is A Test That Detects The Amount Of Sodium And Chloride In A Person’s Sweat. This Test, Which Is Also Called The “iontophoretic Sweat Test,” Is Used Primarily For Patients That Have Symptoms Of Cystic Fibrosis (CF). This Test Is Usually Performed On Children With Suspected Symptoms Of CF. Because This Condition Is Hereditary, A Child With A Close Relative With CF May Also Be Tested. edit Delete
Synovial Fluid Analysis A Synovial Fluid Analysis Is Performed When There Is Pain, Inflammation, Or Swelling In A Joint Or When There Is An Accumulation Of Fluid. Taking A Sample Of The Fluid Can Help Diagnose The Exact Problem That Is Causing The Inflammation. edit Delete
T3 Test Your Doctor Will Typically Order A T3 Test If He Or She Suspects A Problem With Your Thyroid. These Potential Disorders Include Hyperthyroidism (when Your Thyroid Produces Too Much Thyroid Hormone), Hypopituitarism (when The Pituitary Gland Doesn’t Produce Normal Amounts Of Pituitary Hormones), Primary Or Secondary Hypothyroidism (when The Thyroid Doesn’t Produce Normal Amounts Of Thyroid Hormones) And Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis (a Disorder That Occurs When Your Thyroid Produces High Levels Of Thyroid Hormones, Which Results In Muscle Weakness). edit Delete
T3RU Test Your Doctor Will Typically Order A T3RU Test If He Or She Suspects A Problem With Your Thyroid. For Example, Your Doctor Might Suspect You Have Hypothyroidism (an Underactive Thyroid) Or Hyperthyroidism (an Overactive Thyroid). He Or She Might Also Perform The Test If You May Have Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis (temporary Muscle Weakness Caused By Very High Levels Of Thyroid Hormones). The T3RU Test Helps Your Doctors Estimate How Much TBG Is In Your Blood. A Low T3RU Value Means There Is A Higher Amount Of TBG In The Blood, While A High T3RU Value Means There Is Less TBG In Your Blood. edit Delete
T4 Test Your Doctor Will Often Order A T4 If A Thyroid-stimulating Hormone (TSH) Test Has Come Back With Abnormal Results And Your Doctor Wants Further Insight Into What Could Be Wrong With Your Thyroid. Your Thyroid Produces A Hormone, Thyroxine, Which Is Known As T4. This Hormone Plays A Role In Several Of Your Body’s Functions, Including Growth And Metabolism. edit Delete
Antibody Titer Test The Antibody Titer Is A Test That Detects The Presence And Measures The Amount Of Antibodies Within A Person’s Blood. The Amount And Diversity Of Antibodies Correlates To The Strength Of The Body’s Immune Response. An Antibody Titer Is Prescribed To Investigate Problems Regarding Frequent Bacterial Or Viral Infections, Low Levels Of White Blood Cells, Liver Disease, Flu-like Symptoms, Suspected Viral Disease, Suspected Autoimmune Disorder, Suspected Parasite Infection And To Determine If A Repeat Vaccination Or Booster Is Needed edit Delete
Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC) Test Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC) Is A Blood Test That Measures Iron Levels In The Blood. The Test Helps Measure The Ability Of A Protein Called Transferrin To Carry Iron In The Blood. How Much Iron Is Binding To This Protein Is A Proxy For How Much Iron Is In Your Blood At A Given Time. Too Little Or Too Much Iron Can Indicate A Number Of Medical Conditions. edit Delete
TORCH Screen Test During Pregnancy, Infections Can Be Spread From A Woman To Her Developing Fetus. Early Identification And Treatment Of These Infections In A Newborn Child Is Crucial. Prenatal Care Encompasses A Variety Of Tests, Including A TORCH Screen Test, Also Known As Simply A TORCH Test. The TORCH Test Is Also Done On Newborns. The TORCH Screen Is A Test That Screens For Toxoplasmosis, Rubella, Cytomegalovirus, Herpes Simplex And HIV. edit Delete
Thallium Stress Test A Thallium Stress Test Is A Nuclear Imaging Test That Shows How Well Blood Flows Into The Heart During Exercise And At Rest. A Radioisotope (nuclear Material) Is Administered Intravenously. It Settles Into The Heart Muscle And Pinpoints Spots That Are Abnormal. Your Doctor May Order A Thallium Stress Test If He Or She Suspects Your Heart Is Not Getting Enough Blood Flow (oxygen) When It’s Under Stress Such As Exercise, If You Have Chest Pain Or Worsening Angina, If You’ve Had A Previous Heart Attack, To Check How Well Medications Are Working, To Determine Whether Or Not A Procedure Or Surgery Was Successful And To Determine If Your Heart Is Healthy Enough To Start An Exercise Program. edit Delete
Testosterone Level Test A Testosterone Test Measures The Amount Of Testosterone In The Blood. It Is Also Called A Serum Testosterone Test. Testosterone (sometimes Referred To Simply As “T”) Is A Hormone Produced By Both Males And Females. It Plays A Role In Puberty And Fertility. It Also Affects Sexual Desire. edit Delete