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Urine Osmolality Test Your Doctor May Order A Urine Osmolality Test If He Or She Wants To Check Your Body’s Water Balance. Your Doctor May Also Order The Test If You Are Experiencing Abnormal Blood Sodium Level (high Or Low), Complicated Urinary Tract Infection And Excessive Urination. The Urine Osmolality Test Measures The Amount Of Several Compounds In Your Urine. edit Delete
Urine Myoglobin Level Test A Myoglobin Urine Measurement Is A Test Used To Detect The Amount Of The Protein Myoglobin In The Urine. There Are Several Reasons Why This Test Might Be Ordered. It Is Generally Done When A Doctor Suspects That Muscle Tissues Have Been Damaged. It Is Useful To Determine If There Is A Risk For Kidney Damage As A Result Of Muscle Injury. It Is Also Helpful To Explain A Sudden Kidney Failure Since Myoglobin Can Cause Significant Damage To These Vital Organs. edit Delete
Urine HCG Level Test An HCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) Urine Test Is A Pregnancy Test. The HCG Hormone, Also Called The Pregnancy Hormone, Is Produced In The Placenta Of A Pregnant Woman. If You Are Pregnant, This Hormone Can Usually Be Detected In Your Urine About 10 Days After Your First Missed Period. This Is When The Fertilized Egg Becomes Attached To The Uterine Wall. edit Delete
Urine Glucose Test A Urine Glucose Test Is A Quick, Easy Way To Check For Abnormally High Levels Of Glucose In The Urine. You Will Be Asked To Urinate Into A Plastic Laboratory Cup. A Lab Technician Can Check Glucose Levels Immediately By Using A Small Cardboard Device Known As A Dipstick. Any Abnormal Results Will Require Discussion With Your Doctor And Further Testing. A Glucose Urine Test Is Most Often Performed As Part Of A Physical Exam Or As A Quick Way To Determine If A Person Has A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). edit Delete
Urine Drug Test A Urine Drug Test, Also Known As A Urine Drug Screen Or A UDS, Is Quick And Painless. It Tests Your Urine (pee) For The Presence Of Certain Illegal Drugs And Prescription Medications. The Urine Drug Test Usually Screens For Alcohol, Amphetamines, Benzodiazepines, Marijuana, Cocaine, And Opioids (narcotics). A Urine Drug Test Can Catch Possible Substance Abuse Problems. Once These Problems Are Identified, Doctors Can Help You Start A Treatment Plan. Urine Drug Tests Throughout The Treatment Help Ensure That The Plan Is Working And That You Are No Longer Taking Drugs. edit Delete
Urine Culture A Urine Culture Is A Test That Can Detect Bacteria In Your Urine. This Test Can Find And Identify The Germs That Cause A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). Bacteria, Which Typically Cause UTIs, Can Enter The Urinary Tract Through The Urethra. In The Sterile Environment Of Your Urinary Tract, These Bacteria Can Grow Rapidly And Develop Into An Infection. edit Delete
Urine Concentration Test A Urine Concentration Test Determines How Well Your Kidneys Are Functioning. The Test May Be Used To Test Your Kidneys’ Response To Too Much Fluid Intake (water Loading), Too Little Fluid Intake (dehydration), A Hormone That Should (when Being Produced In The Right Amounts) Concentrate Your Urine, Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH). Your Doctor May Recommend Urine Concentration Testing If You Are Urinating Too Much Or Too Little. It Can Help Identify Specific Types Of Problems With Your Kidneys. edit Delete
Urine Calcium Level Tests A Urine Calcium Test Is Done To Measure How Much Calcium Is Passed Out Of The Body Through Urine. The Test Is Also Known As The Urinary Ca+2 Test. Reasons To Perform A Urine Calcium Test Include Evaluating Whether High Calcium Levels In The Urine Resulted In The Development Of A Kidney Stone, Evaluating Whether Your Dietary Intake Of Calcium Is High Enough, Evaluating How Well Your Intestines Are Absorbing The Calcium, Detecting Conditions That Lead To Calcium Loss From Your Bones, Evaluating How Well Your Kidney Is Functioning And Looking For Problems With The Parathyroid Gland. edit Delete
Urine 24-Hour Volume Test The Urine 24-hour Volume Test Is Used To Measure The Amount Of Urine Your Body Produces In A Day. This Is A Noninvasive Procedure That Involves No Pain Or Discomfort. This Simple Test Is Typically Used To Help Diagnose Problems With Kidney Function. Your Doctor May Order This Test If He Or She Suspects A Kidney Disease Or If You Are Producing Abnormally Large Volumes Of Urine (a Condition Called Polyuria), As Seen In Diabetes Insipidus, An Uncommon Condition That Occurs When The Kidneys Are Unable To Conserve Water. edit Delete
Uric Acid (Urine Analysis) Test A Uric Acid Test Can Be Performed On A Blood Sample Or A Urine Sample. This Article Discusses The Test On The Urine Sample. The Uric Acid Test Determines How Much Uric Acid Is In The Urine. The Test Can Help Determine How Well The Body Produces And Removes Uric Acid. edit Delete