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Renal Profile This Test Is Designed For Collecting Data Related To Functions Of Kidney. It Is Usually Prescribed If Kidney Problems Are Suspected As Part Of Overall Screening For Health Along With Identification Of Any Other Medical Issues. The Test Forms Part Of Full Blood Determination And Necessitates Blood Samples For Testing. edit Delete
Pleural Fluid Analysis This Test Enables Doctors To Diagnose Causes Of Pleura Inflammation Or Fluid Accumulation In Pleural Space. When The Patients Experience Worsened Deep Breathing, Pain In Chest, Breath Shortness, Coughing, Fatigue, Chills Or Fever, This Test Becomes A Necessity To Find The Cause Of These Ailments. edit Delete
Packed Cell Volume (PCV) Test PCV Test Evaluates Blood Loss, Polycynthemia, Hemolytic Anemia And Anemia. As PCV Increases Gradually When Stored, The Test Needs To Be Done Within 6 Hours Of Blood Sample Collection. However, If The Blood Is Stored At 4 Degree Celsius, A Delay Of 24 Hours Maximum Can Be Adjusted. edit Delete
Microalbumin Test This Test Helps To Detect Some Small Blood Protein Levels In Urine. It Is Performed For Detecting Any Signs Of Damage To Kidneys In Individuals Who Display Risk Of Suffering From Kidney Ailments. edit Delete
Malaria (Malarial Parasite) Test Blood Smears Are Required For Diagnosing Malarial Parasites. The Parasites' Number In Blood May Fluctuate At Times And Hence, If They Are Not Found During Initial Smears And The General Practitioner Still Thinks That The Patient Is Affected By Malaria, More Samples Of Blood May Be Needed To Test. edit Delete
Lupus Anticoagulant (LAC) Test These Are Actually Many Tests Done For Detection Of LA In Blood. LA Is Associated With Excessive Blood Clots Formation. If The Results Show LA Presence In Blood, This Test May Be Repeated 12 Weeks After The First Test For Confirming About Its Presence. edit Delete
Lupus Erythematosus (LE) Cell Test Lupus Erythematosus (LE) Cell Test Measures The Presence Of A Special Cell Found Mostly In Patients With Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. An LE Cell Is A Neutrophil Or Macrophage That Has Phagocytized (engulfed) The Denatured Nuclear Material Of Another Cell. The Denatured Material Is Seen As An LE Body. edit Delete
Lithium Test The Lithium Levels Lab Test Is A Blood Test Used To Determine Lithium Levels In The Blood In Order To Maintain A Therapeutic Level Or To Detect Lithium Toxicity. The Therapeutic Range Of Lithium Levels Is Generally 0.8-1.1 Mmol/L But This Will Depend On The Individual Patient And The Range Of Therapeutic Levels Can Be As Wide As 0.5-1.2 Meq/L. edit Delete
Acid-Fast Stain Test An Acid-fast Stain Is A Laboratory Test Performed On A Sample Of Blood, Sputum (phlegm), Urine, Stool, Bone Marrow, Or Skin Tissue. Your Doctor Would Typically Order This Test To Find Out You Have Tuberculosis (TB) Or Another Type Of Bacterial Infection. edit Delete
Cerebral Angiography Cerebral Angiography Is A Diagnostic Test That Can Help Your Doctor Find Blockages In The Blood Vessels Of Your Head And Neck. These Blockages Can Lead To A Stroke Or Aneurysm. Not Every Patient Who May Have Arterial Blockages Needs Cerebral Angiography. Because It Is Invasive And Carries Some Risks, It Is Usually Performed Only After Noninvasive Testing If Your Doctor Needs More Information To Plan Your Treatment. edit Delete