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Amphetamine Tets This Test Detects The Presence Of Amphetamine In Your Urine. Amphetamine Is A Central Nervous System Stimulating Drugs, And It Can Show Up In Your Urine Long After You've Taken It. This Group Of Drugs Also Includes Methamphetamine, Or "meth." They May Induce Alertness, Wakefulness, Increased Energy, Reduced Hunger And Overall Feeling Of Well Being. Overdose And Extended Usage Of Amphetamines May Lead To Substance Abuse, Which May Cause Severe And/or Permanent Damage To The Human Nervous System edit Delete
Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) Test Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) Is Not A Routinely Ordered Test But May Be Useful In Specific Circumstances. The AMH Test Is Useful If: You Have Been Trying To Conceive For Over Six Months, And Want To Check Your Ovarian Reserve Is Appropriate For Your Age. You Are Considering IVF Or Other Fertility Treatments, As Low Levels Of AMH Could Indicate A Potentially Poor Response To IVF. Women Of Childbearing Age May Have An AMH Test Ordered Along With Other Hormone Tests, Such As Estradiol And FSH, To Estimate The Remaining Time Left To Conceive (ovarian Reserve). edit Delete
Acid- Fast Bacilli (AFB) Culture Test An Acid-fast Bacteria (AFB) Culture Is Done To Find Out If You Have Tuberculosis (TB) Or Another Mycobacterial Infection. Besides Tuberculosis, The Other Main Mycobacterial Infections Are Leprosy And A TB-like Disease That Affects People With HIV/AIDS. To Do An AFB Culture, Health Care Providers Take A Sample Of Phlegm Or Sputum You're Coughing Up Or A Tiny Bit Of Your Tissue. They "culture" It By Putting It In A Special Container With Food The Bacteria Needs To Grow. They Then Check It Over A Few Weeks' Time To See Whether The Bacteria Grow. If They Do, You Have A Mycobacterial Infection. edit Delete
Acid Fast Bacilli (AFB) Smear Test AFB Smear Test Is Done If You Have Symptoms, Such As A Chronic Cough, Weight Loss, Fever, Chills, And Weakness That May Be Due To Tuberculosis. AFB Smear Refers To The Microscopic Examination Of A Fluorochrome Stain Of A Clinical Specimen. This Test Looks For A Type Of Bacteria Called Acid-fast Bacillus In Your Sputum. Tuberculosis Is The Most Common Infection From This Type Of Bacteria. Your Sputum Sample Is Collected From Mucus Coughed Up From Your Lungs. The Sample Is "smeared" On A Glass Slide And Treated With A Special Acid-fast Stain To Look At Under A Microscope. edit Delete
Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Test An Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Is A Blood Test That Is Performed Using Blood From An Artery. The Test Is Used To Determine The PH Of The Blood, The Partial Pressure Of Carbon Dioxide And Oxygen, And The Bicarbonate Level. Such Information Is Vital When Caring For Patients With Critical Illness Or Respiratory Disease. As A Result, The ABG Is One Of The Most Common Tests Performed On Patients In Intensive Care Units (ICUs). edit Delete
Blood Culture A Blood Culture Is A Test To Find An Infection In The Blood. The Blood Does Not Normally Have Any Bacteria Or Fungi In It. A Blood Culture Can Show What Bacteria Or Fungi Are In The Blood. It Is Usually Done In Case Of Bacterial Infection That Has Spread Into The Blood, Such As Meningitis, Osteomyelitis, Pneumonia, A Kidney Infection, Or Sepsis. A Culture Can Also Show What Type Of Bacteria Is Causing The Infection. edit Delete
Bilirubin Blood Test A Bilirubin Test Measures The Amount Of Bilirubin In A Blood Sample. Bilirubin Is A Brownish Yellow Substance Found In Bile. It Is Produced When The Liver Breaks Down Old Red Blood Cells. Bilirubin Is Then Removed From The Body Through The Stool (feces) And Gives Stool Its Normal Color. This Test Checks The Liver Function And Determines The Signs Of Liver Disease Such As Hepatitis Or Cirrhosis, Or The Effects Of Medicines That Can Damage The Liver. edit Delete
Bicarbonate (HCO3) Test The Bicarbonate Test Test Measures The Level Of Bicarbonate In A Sample Of Blood From A Vein. Bicarbonate Is A Chemical (buffer) That Keeps The PH Of Blood From Becoming Too Acidic Or Too Basic. More Than 90% Of Carbon Dioxide In Your Blood Exists In The Form Of Bicarbonate (HCO3). The Rest Of The Carbon Dioxide Is Either Dissolved In The Form Of Carbon Dioxide Gas (CO2) Or Carbonic Acid (H2CO3). This Test Helps Find And Keeps Track Of Conditions That Affect Blood Bicarbonate Levels, Including Many Kidney Diseases, Some Lung Diseases, And Metabolic Conditions. edit Delete
Beta HCG Test The Quantitative HCG Testing Also Known As Beta HCG (β-hCG) Which Measures The Amount Of HCG Present In The Blood. Is Prescribed 10 Days Post Menstrual Period Is Missed And The Concerned Woman Intends To Confirm Pregnancy. HCG Stands For Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Which Is A Hormone Produced During Pregnancy. It Is Made By Cells That Form The Placenta, Which Nourishes The Egg After It Has Been Fertilized And Becomes Attached To The Uterine Wall. edit Delete
Audiometry Screening An Audiometry Screening Is A Noninvasive And Painless Hearing Test Which Is Part Of An Ear Examination That Evaluates An Individual's Ability To Hear By Measuring The Ability Of Sound To Reach His Brain. The Test Determines Whether The Person Has Lost Hearing Ability And Whether Surgery Or Hearing Aids Are Needed. edit Delete