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Troponin-I Test Troponin Is A Protein Involved In Heart And Muscle Contraction. Increased Level Of Troponin Establishes The Diagnosis Of Some Irreversible Myocardial Necrosis. This Test Is Also Useful For Diagnosis Of Preoperative AMI When CK-MB May Be Increased By Skeletal Muscle Injury. It May Also Be Increased In < 50% Of Patients With Acute Pericarditis. edit Delete
Transferrin Test Trasferrin Which Is The Primary Protein Present In Blood And Binds Itself To Iron While Transporting Throughout A Person's Body. Iron Deficiency Causes Levels Of Transferrin To Rise While It Falls If Iron Is Overloaded. Between 8 And 12 Hours Of Fasting Is Necessary For Performing This Test. Taking Prescribed Medications And Drinking Loads Of Water Is Recommended For This Test. edit Delete
Swine Flu (H1N1) Test Swine Flu Or H1N1 Is A Contagious Disease That Spreads Similarly Like Any Other Seasonal Flu. People Carrying This Disease Usually Sneeze Or Cough, Spraying Tiny Virus Drops Into Air; Thus Spreading It To Others. Secretions From The Patients Nose And Back Of His/her Throat Is Collected During Swine Flu Test. Symptoms Such As A Running Nose, Throat Irritation, Sudden Fever, Headache And Joint And Muscle Pain Suggest Presence Of Swine Flu And Are Reasons To Visit Your Doctor For Tests. edit Delete
Stool Routine This Test Analyses Fecal Matter For Diagnosing Medical Conditions Related To Stomach Problems, Intestines Or Gastrointestinal System. It May Be Also Performed For Screening The Bleeding In Gastrointestinal System Which Is A Sign Of The Person Being Infected With Colon Cancer. edit Delete
Sickling Test Sickling Tests Aid In Identifying Hemoglobin S Presence And Evaluating The Number And Status Of RBC's Present In A Person's Blood. The Test Also Helps To Find Whether The Patient Has Some Modified Copies Of Hemoglobin Gene(s). If Abnormality With Regards To Hemoglobin Variants Are Found In The Blood, Then Some More Tests May Be Needed For Identifying The Specific Type. edit Delete
SGPT Test Used For Differential Diagnosis Of Disease Of Hepatobiliary System And Pancreas. Repeat Testing Of SGPT Helps To Establish Chronicity Of Viral Hepatitis. Generally Parallels But Lower Than AST In Alcohol-related Disease. Rapid Rise Of AST And ALT To Very High Levels (e.g., > 600 U/L And Often > 2000U/L) Followed By A Sharp Fall In 12 To 72 Hours Is Said To Be A Typical Of Acute Bile Duct Obstruction Due To A Stone. ALT Is More Specific For Liver Disease Than AST. edit Delete
SGOT Test Used For Differential Diagnosis Of Hepatobiliary System And Pancreas. Formerly Surrogate Test For Screening Blood Donors For Hepatitis. Rapid Rise Of AST And ALT To Very High Levels (e.g., > 600U/L And Often > 2000U/L) Followed By A Sharp Fall In 12 To 72 Hours Is Said To Be A Typical Of Acute Bile Duct Obstruction Due To A Stone. AST Is Increased In Acute Myocardial Infarction And In Muscle Diseases But ALT Is Usually Normal Unless There Is Liver Congestion. edit Delete
Semen Analysis Test Semen Analysis Is Useful For Measuring Semen Amount Produced By Men And Determine Quality And Number Of Sperms Present In The Samples. This Is The Foremost Test Done For Finding If The Person Faces Any Issues Related To Being A Father (infertility). edit Delete
Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Factor Test This Test Is Usually Done For Aiding The Diagnosis Of Rheumatic Arthritis Or Sjogren's Syndrome. This Test Measures The Rheumatoid Factor Present In People Having RA. The Test Can Be Performed Quickly And Is Painless. A Needle Is Used For Collecting Blood From Veins And The Samples Are Then Tested In A Laboratory For Final Analysis. edit Delete
Reticulocyte Count Test This Test Measures How Fast Reticulocytes (a Type Of RBC) Are Form From Bone Marrow And Released In The Blood Stream. The Count Rises If Blood Loss Has Occurred As Is The Case With Certain Diseases. The Red Blood Cells Get Prematurely Destroyed In Cases Such As Anemia And Ashemolytic. High Altitudes Are Also Cause For Rise In The Reticulocyte Count. edit Delete