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ALP Bone Isoenzyme Test ALP Stands For Alkaline Phosphatase. ALP Is An Enzyme Naturally Present Throughout Your Body. It Comes In Many Variations Called Isoenzymes. Each Isoenzyme Of ALP Is Different, Depending On Where In Your Body It Is Made. An ALP Bone Isoenzyme Test Can Detect Abnormal Levels Of Bone Growth That May Be Associated With Conditions Like Paget’s Disease Of Bone, Certain Bone Cancers And Osteoporosis. edit Delete
Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) Test An Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) Test Measures The Level Of ALT Enzyme In Your Blood. ALT Is An Enzyme Produced By Liver Cells. It Helps The Body Metabolize Proteins. If The Liver Is Damaged Or Not Functioning Properly, ALT Is Released Into The Blood. This Causes ALT Levels To Increase. The Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) Test Is Used To Evaluate Liver Function. The Test Is Also Known As A Serum Glutamate Pyruvate Transaminase (SGPT) Test Or Alanine Transaminase Test. edit Delete
Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH) Test The ADH Test Measures How Much Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH) Is In The Blood. ADH Is A Hormone That Helps Your Kidneys Manage The Amount Of Water In Your Body. The Test Is Seldom Used Alone, But Is Often Combined With Other Tests To Find Out What Is Causing Too Much Or Too Little Of This Hormone To Be Present In The Blood. edit Delete
Antimitochondrial Antibody (AMA) Test AMA Testing Is Primarily Used To Detect PBC. This Autoimmune Disease Destroys The Mitochondria In The Small Bile Ducts Of The Liver. Damaged Bile Ducts Affect The Liver’s Ability To Get Rid Of Toxins. This Can Cause Scarring, Or Cirrhosis Of The Liver. Antimitochondrial Antibodies (AMAs) Are The Autoimmune Response That Occurs When The Body Turns Against Its Own Cells, Tissues, And Organs. When This Happens, The Immune System Attacks The Body As Though It Were An Infection. AMAs Attack The Mitochondria. edit Delete
Arrhythmia Tests An Arrhythmia Is An Abnormal Heartbeat. A Person With Arrhythmia Can Have A Faster Than Normal, Slower Than Normal, Or Irregular Heartbeat. Because The Heart Has To Work Harder Than Normal To Maintain A Constant Supply Of Blood To The Body, People With Arrhythmias May Feel Faint, Dizzy, Or Lightheaded. In Severe Cases, An Arrhythmia Can Cause Cardiac Arrest. edit Delete
Aspergillosis Precipitin Test Aspergillosis Precipitin Is A Laboratory Test Performed On A Patient’s Blood. It Is Ordered When A Doctor Suspects That You Have An Infection That Could Be Caused By The Fungus Aspergillus. Aspergillosis Is A Fungal Infection Caused By Aspergillus, A Fungus Found In Homes And Outdoors. It Is Most Commonly Found On Dead Leaves, Stored Grains, Compost Piles, And Other Decaying Vegetation. It May Also Be Found On Marijuana Leaves. edit Delete
Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST) Test The AST Test Is Commonly Used To Check For Liver Diseases. It Is Usually Measured Together With Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT). The AST To ALT Ratio Can Help Your Doctor Diagnose Liver Disease. Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST) Is An Enzyme Found In Various Parts Of The Body. The Highest Concentrations Are Found In Muscle, Heart, And Liver. A Small Amount Of AST Is Typically Found In The Bloodstream. Elevated Amounts Of This Enzyme May Signal A Health Problem. edit Delete
D-xylose Absorption Test A D-xylose Absorption Test Is Performed In Order To Determine How Adequately Your Intestines Are Absorbing D-xylose And By Inference How Well You Absorb Carbohydrates. D-xylose Is A Simple Sugar That Occurs Naturally In Many Plant Foods. The Body Does Not Use It Or Change D-xylose Into Something Usable. It Is Normally Absorbed Easily, Along With Other Nutrients, By The Intestines. edit Delete
DNA Test DNA Tests Are An Accurate And Powerful Tool To Establish If Any Individual Is A Biological Parent Of Some Child And Vice Versa. It Is Also Useful For Forensic Testing To Identify Victims Or Suspects During Criminal Investigations. edit Delete
Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) Test In People Who Have Been Diagnosed With Diabetes, The HbA1C Test Is Currently One Of The Best Ways To Check Diabetes Is Under Control. HbA1c Is An Important Average Measure Of How Well A Person's Diabetes Is Being Controlled Over The Previous 2 To 3 Months. edit Delete