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Kidney Profile Healthy Kidneys Are Useful For Removal Of Excess Or Waste Fluid In Blood. Kidney Profile Helps In Evaluation Of How Good Your Kidneys Are Functioning. There Are Different Tests Inclusive In This Profile And Are Done As Prescribed By The Doctors. edit Delete
Iron Test This Test Is Useful For Differential Diagnosis Of Anemia. It Is Also Used To Diagnose Hemochromatosis And Hemosiderosis; It Is Useful In Diagnosis Of Acute Iron Toxicity, Especially In Children. It Should Always Be Measured With TIBC For Evaluation Of Iron Deficiency. edit Delete
Insulin Test This Test Has Numerous Possible Benefits. Testing Levels Of Insulin Are Frequently Prescribed, If Low Levels Of Glucose Are Found Or Some Person Has Chronic Or Acute Symptoms Displaying Low Glucose In Blood. edit Delete
X-Ray X-ray Is Used To See The Internal Structure (like Bones Etc.) In The Body. These Days More Of The Hospitals And Diagnostic Centers Are Moving To Digital X-ray Systems. edit Delete
Widal Test Widal Test Aids In Presumptive Diagnosing Of Typhoid Fever. This Test Is Considered Positive If The TO Antigen Titer Level Exceeds 1:160 For Active Infections, Or If The TH Antigen Titer Exceeds 1:160 For Past Infectionsor Or If The Person Is Immunized For Typhoid Infection. Such A Test Is Actually Of Less Relevance Clinically On Account Of Cross Infections Such As Malaria. edit Delete
Vitamin E Test This Test Helps In Determining Levels Of Vitamin E Which Is An Antioxidant Helpful For Delay Or Prevention Of Chronic Diseases. Though Malnutrition Is A Rare Cause For Vitamin E Deficiency, Malabsorption Issues Like Celiac Disease Can Cause It. edit Delete
Vitamin D Test Vitamin D Is A Fat-soluble Steroid Hormone Precursor That Is Mainly Produced In The Skin By Exposure To Sunlight. The Two Most Important Forms Of Vitamin D Are Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) And Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol). In The Liver, Vitamin D Is Hydroxylated To 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25 (OH)-vitamin D), The Major Circulating Metabolite Of Vitamin D. edit Delete
Vitamin C Test Vitamin C Is Considered As A Vital Antioxidant. Tests For Vitamin C Help In Measuring Immune, Cardiovascular And Nutritional Status. Low Levels Are Seen In Malabsoption Syndromes, Alcoholism, Inflammatory Disease Of The Bowel, Hypertension, Kidney Failure And Pregnancy. Smokers Too May Display Low Levels Of Vitamin C In Comparison To Non-smokers. edit Delete
Vitamin A Test This Test Detects Levels Of Vitamin A In Human Body .People Displaying Symptoms Like Night Blindness Or Impaired Nutrients' Absorption In Intestines May Be Prescribed This Test. This Is Also Used For Detecting The Toxic Levels Which Are Caused Due To Presence Of Large Vitamin A Amounts. edit Delete
Urea Test The Blood Urea Test Measures The Level Of Urea In The Blood And Gives An Idea Of How Well The Kidneys Are Functioning. It Provides An Estimate Of The Nitrogen Load Of A Body. edit Delete