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Renal Arteriography Renal Arteriography, Also Known As Renal Angiography, Gives Your Doctors A Way To See The Blood Vessels In Your Kidneys. Your Blood Vessels Are Not Visible On An X-ray. This Can Make It Difficult For Your Doctors To Get An Accurate Image Of Them. Arteriographies Can Be Done On Many Parts Of The Body. The Term “renal” Refers To Your Kidneys, So A Renal Arteriography Is One That Highlights Your Kidney’s Blood Vessels. edit Delete
Refraction Test A Refraction Test Is Usually Given As Part Of A Routine Eye Examination. It May Also Be Called A Vision Test. This Test Tells Your Eye Doctor Exactly What Prescription You Need In Your Glasses Or Contact Lenses. This Test Is Normally Given As Part Of A Routine Eye Examination. It Tells Your Doctor If You Need Prescription Lenses, As Well As What Prescription You Need To Use In Order To See Properly. edit Delete
Radioactive Iodine Uptake Test Your Doctor May Recommend An RAIU Scan If You Have Symptoms Of An Overactive Thyroid, Blood Work Indicating An Overactive Thyroid, Or An Enlarged Thyroid Gland. The RAIU Can Provide Valuable Information For Diagnosis And Treatment. In Some Cases, Your Doctor May Recommend That You Also Have A Thyroid Scan Along With An RAIU. A Radioactive Iodine Uptake (RAIU) Is One Of Two Kinds Of Scans Used To Diagnose Thyroid Diseases. The Other Is Called A Thyroid Scan. An RAIU Shows How Well Your Thyroid Is Functioning. A Thyroid Scan Shows The Size, Shape, And Position Of The Gland. edit Delete
Quantitative HCG Blood Test The Quantitative Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) Blood Test Measures The Level Of HCG Hormone Present In A Blood Sample. HCG Is A Hormone That Is Produced During Pregnancy. The HCG Quantitative Test Is Also Known As Quantitative Serial Beta HCG, Repeat Quantitative Beta HCG, Beta-hCG Blood Test, And Quantitative Blood Pregnancy Test. The HCG Quantitative Test Is Performed To Confirm Pregnancy, Determine The Age Of The Fetus, Diagnose Abnormal Pregnancies, Such As Ectopic Pregnancy, Diagnose A Potential Miscarriage And Screen For Down Syndrome edit Delete
Quantitative Bence-Jones Protein Test The Bence Jones Protein (BJP) Test Measures The Level Of BJP In Your Urine. These Proteins Are Not Present In Healthy Urine Samples. Usually They Are A Sign Of Multiple Myeloma. Multiple Myeloma Is A Type Of Bone Marrow Cancer. BJP Are Named For Henry Bence-Jones. He First Isolated Them In 1847. Your Bone Marrow Is Found In The Center Of Your Larger Bones. It Makes Red And White Blood Cells, As Well As Platelets. Multiple Myeloma Is A Condition Where A Type Of White Blood Cell Is Produced In Excess. edit Delete
Peritoneal Fluid Culture A Peritoneal Fluid Culture Is A Test That Is Performed On A Small Sample Of Peritoneal Fluid. It May Also Be Called An Abdominal Tap Or Paracentesis. The Laboratory Examines The Fluid For Any Bacteria Or Fungi That May Be Causing An Infection. The Peritoneal Space Is The Area Between The Abdominal Wall And The Organs It Houses. This Space Is Typically Empty, Or Has A Small Amount Of Fluid, But A Buildup Of Fluid Can Occur If You Have A Disease Or Infection. edit Delete
Pelvis MRI Scan Since Your Pelvic Area Holds Your Reproductive Organs, Your Doctor May Order The Test For Different Reasons Depending On If You Are Male Or Female. A Pelvis MRI Scan Is A Useful Test For Both Sexes If You Have Birth Defects, Injury Or Trauma In The Pelvic Area, Abnormal X-ray Results, Pain In The Lower Abdominal Or Pelvic Region, Unexplained Difficulties Urinating Or Defecating And Cancer In Your Reproductive Organs, Bladder, Rectum, Or Urinary Tract For Women, Your Doctor May Order An Pelvis MRI To Further Investigate: Infertility, Irregular Vaginal Bleeding, Lumps Or Masses In Your Pelvic Area, Pain In Your Lower Belly Or Pelvic Area, For Men, A Pelvis MRI Might Look Into Conditions Such As: An Descended Testicle, Lumps In The Scrotum Or Testicles, Or Swelling In That Area. edit Delete
Prostate Specific Antigen Exam A Prostate-specific Antigen (PSA) Test Measures The Level Of PSA In A Man’s Blood. PSA Is A Protein Produced By The Cells Of The Prostate, A Small Gland Just Below A Man’s Bladder. PSA Circulates Through The Entire Body At Low Levels At All Times. A PSA Test Is Sensitive And Can Detect Higher Than Average Levels Of PSA. High Levels Of PSA May Be Associated With Prostate Cancer Before Any Physical Symptoms Appear. According To The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC), Prostate Cancer Is The Second Most Common Cancer Among Men In The United States (CDC, 2012). However, High Levels Of PSA May Also Mean You Have A Noncancerous Condition That Is Increasing PSA Levels. edit Delete
Protein Electrophoresis Urine Analysis A Doctor Will Usually Order A UPEP If He Or She Suspects That You Have A Condition That Causes Elevated Protein Levels In Urine, Such As Multiple Sclerosis. Your Doctor May Also Order This Test If An Earlier Test Showed There Was Protein In Your Urine. In This Case, The Doctor Will Use UPEP To Monitor Any Treatment Or Disease Progress. edit Delete
Pleural Fluid Culture This Test Is Usually Performed If A Chest X-ray Shows That You Have Too Much Fluid In The Space Between The Pleura (called A Pleural Effusion). It Is Also Done If You Have Signs Of Certain Kinds Of Infection, Such As Pneumonia. There Could Be A Number Of Reasons Why You Have A Buildup Of Fluid In The Pleural Space (also Called The Pleural Cavity), And This Test Is Done To Check If An Infection Is The Underlying Cause. edit Delete