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Serum Albumin Test Your Liver Takes Proteins In Your Diet And Turns Them Into New Proteins To Circulate To The Various Organs And Tissues Of Your Body. This Is Why The Serum Albumin Test Can Tell Your Physician How Well Your Liver Is Working. An Albumin Test Is Often Used As Part Of A Test Known As A Liver Panel, Which Tests Your Blood For Albumin, Creatinine, Blood Urea Nitrogen, And Prealbumin. edit Delete
Sedimentation Rate Test The Sedimentation Rate Test Measures Inflammation In The Body. It Is Also Called The Sed Rate Or The Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) Test. It Is A Blood Test. It Determines How Quickly Red Blood Cells Sink In A Tube Of Blood. The Sedimentation Rate Test Is Used To Diagnose, Or To Assess The Progress Of, Inflammatory Diseases, Such Arthritis And Polymyalgia Rheumatica, And Autoimmune Disorders, Such As Lupus. It Is Sometimes Used To Help Diagnose Cancer And Tuberculosis. The Test Can Also Show The Effect Of Treatments For Conditions That Cause Inflammation. It Is Usually Done At The Same Time As Other Tests. edit Delete
Secretin Stimulation Test The Secretin Stimulation Test Evaluates How Well The Pancreas Functions During Digestion. It Is Also Called The Pancreatic Function Test. (MH, MP). A Doctor Will Need To Perform Several Tests To Diagnose Pancreatic Diseases. One Test Shows How Well The Pancreas Functions In Response To Secretin. This Test Is Invasive And Is Conducted Only When Other Evidence Indicates Pancreatic Insufficiency. edit Delete
Schirmer's (Dry Eye) Test Schirmer’s Test Is Also Known As A Dry Eye Test, Tear Test, Tearing Test, Or Basal Secretion Test. The Human Eye Maintains A Stable Level Of Moisture And Eliminates Foreign Particles By Producing Tears. When Your Eyes Are Too Dry Or Too Wet, You May Be Given Schirmer’s Test. This Test Will Show Whether Your Eyes Produce Too Few Or Too Many Tears To Maintain Optimal Eye Health. Schirmer’s Test Is Primarily Used To Diagnose Dry Eye Conditions. edit Delete
Schilling Test The Schilling Test Is A Medical Procedure Used To Determine Whether Or Not You Are Absorbing Vitamin B12 Properly. A Doctor May Choose To Order This Test If You Are Suffering From Vitamin B12 Deficiency, Also Known As Pernicious Anemia. This Particular Test, Which Can Require Up To Four Stages Of Administration, Involves Analysis Of Urine Samples To Help Determine The Source Of The Deficiency. edit Delete
Respiratory Syncytial Virus(RSV) Antibody Test The Respiratory Syncytial Virus Antibody Test Is A Blood Test Used To Diagnose A Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Infection. The Test Detects The Presence Of Antibodies. Antibodies Are Proteins That Your Body’s Immune System Releases Naturally In Response To A Harmful Substance, Called An Antigen. Specifically, The RSV Test Detects The Presence Of Antibodies That Your Body Has Produced To Fight The RSV Antigen. The Test Can Be Used To Diagnose Either A Recent Or A Past RSV Infection. edit Delete
RPR Test A Rapid Plasma Regain (RPR) Test Is A Blood Test Used To Screen Patients For Syphilis. It Works By Detecting The Antibodies That The Body Produces To Fight The Infection. Syphilis Is A Sexually Transmitted Infection That Can Be Fatal If Left Untreated. The RPR Test Allows A Doctor To Confirm Diagnosis And Begin Treatment, Reducing The Chances Of Complications And The Spread Of The Disease By An Infected But Unaware Person. edit Delete
Routine Sputum Culture When You Develop A Respiratory Tract Infection Or Experience A Lung-related Disorder, A Thick, Mucus-like Substance Known As Sputum Is Produced In The Lungs. This Sputum Can Make It Hard To Breathe, Cause Coughing, And Harbor Bacteria. If You Experience Any Of These Symptoms, Your Doctor May Ask For A Sputum Culture. This Fast, Relatively Painless Test Helps Laboratory Technicians Study The Bacteria Or Fungi That Might Be Growing In Your Lungs Causing The Production Of The Sputum And Therefore To Pinpointing The Cause Of Your Illness. edit Delete
Right Heart Ventriculography Right Heart Ventriculography Is A Procedure That Lets Your Doctor See The Right Chambers Of The Heart. It Is Used To Diagnose Problems With Blood Flow In The Right Side Of The Heart. Right Heart Ventriculography Is Sometimes Also Called “angiography” Or An “arteriogram.” All Of These Terms Refer To The Procedure Of Viewing Arteries In The Body Through X-ray Study. edit Delete
Renal Scan A Renal Scan Can Identify The Cause Of Reduced Kidney Function. The Cause May Be A Disease, Obstruction, Or Injury To The Kidneys. A Renal (kidney) Scan Is A Diagnostic Procedure That Uses Nuclear Medicine To Examine The Anatomy And Functioning Of Your Kidneys. A Renal Scan Is Also Called A Renal Scintigraphy, Renal Imaging, Or A Renogram. edit Delete