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Serum TBG (Thyroxine-Binding Globulin) Level Test Your Doctor May Order A Serum TBG Level Test To Assess Thyroid Issues. It Can Help Your Doctor Diagnose Various Thyroid Disorders Including Hypothyroidism And Hyperthyroidism. edit Delete
Serum Progesterone Test The Serum Progesterone Test Is Commonly Ordered When A Woman Has Trouble Getting Pregnant. It Can Give Doctors An Indication Of Whether She Is Ovulating. This, In Turn, Can Provide Insight Into Fertility Problems. Your Doctor Might Also Choose To Perform This Test If You Are Pregnant And He Or She Thinks You Might Be At Risk Of Miscarriage Or Ectopic Pregnancy. The Serum Progesterone Test Is Sometimes Performed If You Have Had Miscarriages Or A Stillbirth In The Past Or If You Have Bleeding From Your Uterus. edit Delete
Serum Phosphorus Test A Serum Phosphorus Test Can Be Used To Determine Whether You Have High Or Low Phosphorus Levels, But It Cannot Help Your Doctor Diagnose The Cause Of Your Condition. The Doctor Will Need To Perform More Tests To Determine What Is Causing Your Abnormal Serum Phosphorus Test Results. Your Doctor May Order A Serum Phosphorus Test If He Or She Suspects That Your Phosphorus Level Is Too Low Or Too High. Either Extreme Can Lead To Health Problems. edit Delete
Serum Phenylalanine Screening Doctors Perform A Serum Phenylalanine Test As Part Of A Routine Screening For Newborns. This Means It’s Perfectly Normal (and Expected) For Your Doctor To Order This Test. It Doesn’t Mean That Your Doctor Suspects Any Problems With Your Baby. In Fact, Newborns With PKU Don’t Show Any Physical Signs Of The Disease. edit Delete
Serum Magnesium Test If Your Doctor Suspects That Your Magnesium Level Is Too Low Or Too High, He Or She May Order A Serum Magnesium Test. All This Test Involves On Your Part Is A Basic Blood Draw. Your Doctor Will Collect Some Of Your Blood Into A Vial Or Tube. This Blood Is Then Tested At A Lab. edit Delete
Serum Ketones Test A Serum Ketone Test Is An Important Test To Determine The Levels Of A Byproduct When Your Body Burns Fat. Ketones Are Produced When Glucose (a Form Of Sugar) Isn’t Available To Supply The Body’s Cells With Energy. This Becomes A Problem If Your Body Doesn’t Have Enough Insulin To Properly Digest Or Use The Glucose. When Glucose Isn’t Available, Your Body Uses Stored Body Fat As A Source Of Energy. This Releases The Ketones That Can Accumulate In The Blood. edit Delete
Serum Iron Test As Its Name Suggests, A Serum Iron Test Measures How Much Iron Is In Your Serum. Serum Is The Liquid That Is Left Over From Your Blood Plasma When The Red Blood Cells And The Clotting Elements Have Been Removed. This Test Can Help Your Doctor Figure Out If There Is A Problem With Your Iron Levels. edit Delete
Serum Immunofixation Test The IFX Test Is Often Used To Diagnose Multiple Myeloma Or Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia, When Symptoms Of The Disorders Are Present. Both Conditions Produce Abnormal Ig. Clinical Symptoms Of Multiple Myeloma Include Bone Pain In The Back Or Ribs, Weakness And Fatigue, Weight Loss, Broken Bones, Recurrent Infections, Weakness In The Legs And Nausea/vomiting edit Delete
Serum Herpes Simplex Antibodies Test The Serum Herpes Simplex Antibodies Test Is Designed To Determine Whether You Have Been Infected With The Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). This Test Does Not Actually Check For The Virus Itself. Instead, It Determines Whether You Have Antibodies To HSV. edit Delete
Serum Hemoglobin Test Doctors Usually Use This Test To Diagnose Or Monitor Hemolytic Anemia. If You Have This Type Of Anemia, Your Red Blood Cells Break Down Too Quickly. This Leads To Higher-than-normal Levels Of Free Hemoglobin In Your Blood. A Serum Hemoglobin Test Measures The Amount Of Free-floating Hemoglobin In Your Blood Serum. edit Delete