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NT (Nuchal Translucency) Scan The NT (nuchal Translucency) Scan Is A Non-invasive Diagnostic Procedure To Assess The Risk Of The Baby Developing Any Down Syndrome, Chromosomal Abnormalities, And Heart Problems. It Is Performed On Pregnant Women When They Are In 12 Or 13 Weeks Of Pregnancy. This Is The Period Of Pregnancy When The Baby Has A Transparent Neck And Is Easy To Visualize And Measure Whether The Back Of The Neck Has Accumulated Any Fluid. This Is An Important Scan And Is A Must For Every Pregnant Woman, Whether They Are Below Or Above 35 Years Of Age To Plan Their Pregnancy Better. The Scan Will Help In Finding Out Whether There Is Any Risk Of Baby Developing Serious Illness Or Problems. edit Delete
HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) B27 Test If You Have The Symptoms Of Swelling And Pain In The Joints, Immobility Or Inflammation Of The Neck, Spine, Or Chest, Urethra Combined By Skin Lesions, And Inflammation Around The Eyes, HLA B27 Test May Be Necessary To Find The Cause. HLA (human Leukocyte Antigen) Is A Protein Found On The Surface Of White Blood Cells That Helps The Immune System In Differentiating Between Healthy Cells And Foreign Materials' Potential Of Causing Injection. edit Delete
Double Marker Test The Double Marker Test Is One Of The Many Pregnancy Tests A Pregnant Woman Has To Undergo. It Is Usually Done Between 9 To 13 Weeks Of Pregnancy. Mostly, It Will Be Combined With An Ultrasound Test. The Doctor May Recommend To Do Ultrasound First And Based On The Scan Report Can Schedule The Test. Since Pregnancy Tests Are Scheduled According To The Growth Of The Fetus, Going For The Test During The 12 Weeks Of Pregnancy Can Help In Identifying If The Unborn Child Is Likely To Develop Any Sort Of Chromosomal Imbalance Or Mental Disorders. edit Delete
Ferritin Test Useful In The Diagnosis Of Iron Deficiency Or Excess; It Correlates With Total Body Iron Stores.This Test Is Used To Predict And Monitor Iron Deficiency. Determines Response To Iron Therapy Or Compliance With Treatment. Ferritin Test Is Also Useful To Differentiate Iron Deficiency From Chronic Disease As Cause Of Anemia And Monitor Iron Status In Patients With Chronic Renal Disease With Or Without Dialysis. Detects Iron Overload States And Monitor Rate Of Iron Accumulation And Response To Iron-depletion Therapy. It Is Also Used For Population Studies Of Iron Levels And Response To Iron Supplement. edit Delete
Gamma GT (GGTP) Test This Test Is Quite Sensitive To Damage Of Liver And Unexplained, Unexpected Elevations Can Be Quite Common With It. The Main Culprit For This Condition Is Alcohol Consumption. Decrease In The Level Of Gamma GT Is Considered Clinically Non-significant. edit Delete
Globulin Test This Test Is Useful For Measuring Protein Levels (globulins) In A Serum (fluid) Present In Blood Samples. Identification Of Globulin Types Aids In Diagnosing Some Medical Issues. Patients May Be Advised Not To Drink Or Eat For At Least 4 Hours Prior To This Test. edit Delete
Hemoglobin (Hb) Test Hemoglobin Is A Protein Present In Red Cells Of Blood And Carry Oxygen. Low Counts Of Hemoglobin Are Referred As Anemia. Hb Is Performed On Finger Prick Blood Samples With The Use Of A Hand Held Device For Color Comparison. It Is Also Sometimes Done As A Lab Test On FBC (Full Blood Count), Obtained From Blood Removed From Patient's Vein. edit Delete
HGH Test A Growth Hormone Test Measures The Amount Of Human Growth Hormone GH In The Blood .The Blood Levels Of GH Changes Quickly So Multiple Blood Samples Are Required To Perform This Test. edit Delete
HIV Test The HIV Test Helps In Determining Whether The Concerned Person Is HIV (a Virus) Infected. This Virus Weakens Immune System Of Infected People And Leads To AIDS. Some Forms Of This Test Check Antibodies Produced By The Immune System While Others Find Evidence Of The Presence Of This Virus. edit Delete
Kidney Function Test The Kidney Function Test Is Prescribed By Doctors If They Have Doubts About Proper Functioning Of Your Kidneys. These Are Quite Simple Tests Of Urine And Blood For Identification Of Issues. Conditions Like Hypertension Or Diabetes Which Are Harmful For Kidneys May Also Prompt The Doctor To Recommend These Tests. edit Delete