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Jaipur Ghewar
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Ghewar is a deep fried Indian sweet dish that belongs to Rajasthan. On your travel to Jaipur, we highly recommend you to have Ghewar at least once. You should also try Malai Ghewar, it is rich, delicious and full of flavors. A must have if you crave for sweets. edit delete
Jaipur Gatte Ki Sabji
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Gatte ki sabji is a curd based curry where the gram flour dumplings are called Gatte. These dumplings are boiled, cut into bite size pieces and then put in the thick curd based gravy. The taste is a bit tangy and spicy. It is served as a side dish with Dal Bati Churma, but you can have it in main course with Chapati or tandoori roti. edit delete
Jaipur Laal Maas
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In a predominantly vegetarian cuisine, the only non-vegetarian dish to really stand out is Laal Maas which literally translates to Red Meat in reference to the color of the dish with comes from the fiery red chillies in it. The dish may be prepared using kid/lamb, pork or poultry. edit delete
Jaipur Lapsi
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Lapsi, another sweet dish prepared with broken wheat (dalia) sautéed in ghee and sweetened is popular too. A kind of sweet porridge, Lapsi again just like churma (above) is made of just three ingredients, cracked wheat (dalia), jaggery or sugar and ghee (clarified butter). edit delete
Jaipur Missi Roti
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Unleavened bread made with flour and daal or lentils is the way to go to mop up those delicious Rajasthani curries. This bread is made from gram flour, wheat flour, fenugreek, cardamom seeds and spices very similar to the Chapati but made from lentil flour. edit delete
Jaipur Papad Ki Sabzi
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A Papad is a thin wafer or cracker like flat bread which is made from a lentil and chickpea flour. In Rajasthan however, Papads are used rather unusually to make a dish where in they are soaked in a tangy gravy. The Papads take on an almost velvety texture when they absorb the sauce making for an interesting dish. edit delete
Jaipur Kalakand
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Kalakand is Jaipur's traditional dessert also known as Mishri Mawa. It is reduced Milk with crystal sugar finished with silver leaf. This sweet is so renowned for its excellent taste and texture. edit delete
Jaipur Mawa Kachori
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A kachori is basically a deep-fried veg Pastry, but this one is filled with mawa (thickened milk) and dipped in sugar syrup. It is widely available at all sweet shops in Jaipur. edit delete
Jaipur Mirchi Vada
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Green chillies stuffed with a variety of stuffings and then dunked in besan and deep fried. A delicious and spicy street food of Jaipur, available at every food stall at street corner. edit delete
Jaipur Dal Baati Churma
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Dal Bati Churma is a Rajasthani dish that include Dal (lentil curry), roasted dumplings (known as Bati) and a sweet dish made Known as Churma. It is served with seasonal salad, papad and gatte ki sabji. It is a Rajasthani delicacy and a must-have dish when in Jaipur. edit delete